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Luminous Eco 1.5kva 24V Inverter
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Sold By: Dioway stores
Seller type: CORPORATE
Eco Volt is a 1.5kva (24V) Pure Sine Wave Home UPS with features such as Intelligent Water Level Indication which helps consumers track the battery water level, and uses low harmonic distortion making the inverter practically noiseless. Pure Sine Wave output makes it highly efficient and helps bring down electricity bills.

Top Features

Pure Sine Wave output

Delivers pure sine wave output thereby ensuring the safety of your appliances. Appliances run without noise and last longer.

Supports all Luminous Battery Types

The UPS supports all types of batteries like the flat plate, tubular, VRLA, SMF – giving you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of batteries.

ABCC technology

Adaptive Battery Charging Control system technology (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life.

ECO & UPS mode

In UPS Mode, the output voltage is kept in a range of 180V to 260V – ensuring the safety of sensitive appliances such as computers. In Eco Mode, the voltage range is extended thereby reducing battery usage.

Key Features

  • Rugged technology design for high performance and longer backup time, especially suited for Nigerian power conditions

  • Auto holiday mode preserves battery charge and safeguard battery life

  • Supports a wide range of batteries with 3-step charging current and 4-step battery type selection

  • Adaptive battery charging control technology (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life up to 70%

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